Mat's Parking Place Case Study

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PRE OPERATIONS - GANTT CHART: FORM OF OWNERSHIP: Corporation Closely Held Corporation: A closely held corporation is a corporation that has only a small number of stockholders with no public market for its stock. Advantages: • Efficiency: Company decisions and policies can occur more rapidly and efficiently in a closely-held business due to its small size. Communication amongst members is generally less complex. • Control: Closely-held companies are often able to manage profits and losses with more control, since they are less subject to public market fluctuations. • Community Contributions: A closely-held business is more likely to remain in a single location, even through “hard times.” This often serves to benefit the surrounding community…show more content…
LABOR SKILLS REQUIRED: Position: General Manager – a person who is responsible for running the whole business organization which includes planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. He will perform duties in keeping with the management of the business expenditure and revenue element. He will also represent the company’s overall business strategies and work to implement and affect changes to the work environment. Mr. Dante Uy Matiao, the proponent will be the general manager of Mat’s Parking Place. Position: Floor Managers/Parking Attendant – will perform variety of tasks such as informing the customers of parking spaces available, will monitor the parking area, will provide general assistance in customer operation and assistance in driving. Keep parking areas clean and orderly to ensure that space usage is maximized. Salary: Php 310 per day Qualifications: • Preferably Male ages 25-35 years old • Must have a Professional Driver’s Licence. • With pleasing personality in handling customers • Has wide knowledge and expertise in driving and parking vehicles • good interpersonal skills • Profound ability to work efficiently in a fast paced environment and…show more content…
He must perform duties to protect property, assets, and people. *Security personnel will be provided by the agency Salary: Php 310 per day Position: Utility Personnel – Makes sure that the facility is clean and in order. Clear and clean job sites of debris and other hazardous materials and ensure that they are restored properly provide support in repairing potholes and gutters .Assist office staff in custodial services and grounds keeping activities. Clean and maintain floor office, ceilings and windows, and empty trash receptacles and ensure appropriate disposing off of trash, as well as clean restrooms and replenish supplies. Salary: Php 310 per day Qualifications: • In depth knowledge of using standard hand and power tools • Strong ability to follow oral and written instructions properly • Solid knowledge of installing and maintaining utility

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