Introduction To Unstructured Interview

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Recruitment is the process of attracting suitable people to apply for job vacancies. Selection is a process where the employee has to choose the suitable applicants for the job. Hiring an unsuitable lecturer may lead to problems such as high turnover, high chances of not doing the right job and an increase in training costs. (Aminuddin, 2014) Structured interview is where the questions were formed according to the job requirements and qualifications needed for the job. All candidates will answer the same questions which will be evaluate using the company’s rating procedures. By giving fixed questions, bias can be eliminated during the interview. (Public Service Commission of Canada, 2009) Unstructured interview is where…show more content…
It is useful to use a job related exercises in the selection process. By using job related exercises can help to assess person specification. (University of South Hampton, n.d.) Structured Interview is a process in which an interviewer asked same questions that are related to the jobs. By using structured interviews, there a high reliability and accuracy as it is less subjective than unstructured interview. One of the common question asked during the interview is situational questions where applicants were asked to put themselves in a job situation to determine what they will do in the situation. (Mondy et al., 2002) However, interview is not reliable. This is because human is being used to measure the interview, interview can be variable because interviewers will interpret information differently and it is not the same for each applicant interviewed. (Tyson, 2006) 3.0.2 REFERENCES CHECKS Reference check is a way employer can obtain additional and accurate information on their future employees. There are some applicants that include names and contact numbers of their former supervisor or colleagues that can give employer additional information. (Mondy et al.,…show more content…
Interviewer has to follow procedures during the interview so that every applicants has the same chance. Interviewers will ask the applicants four common questions such as job knowledge questions, situational questions, job sample and simulation question and worker requirements questions, by doing this interviewer can get relevant information. (Nankervis et al.,

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