Cliques In High School

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The “cliques” that are used to describe high school groups, is sadly true in our society today. You have student A: privileged athletes also, known as Jocks, student B: the do gooders, the ones that want to learn and make their parents happy, student C: the ones that are just there because it is the law and of course student D: usually the main character in a novel or movie; the outsider. Throughout high school every freshman has the stereotypical knowledge of how the upperclassmen treat the underclassman which for many, high school is the most terrifying place. However, luckily for me I had an older sister who was an upperclassman and I never feared those stereotypical situations. Instead I was actually excited to be in the “big league” and…show more content…
She was kindhearted, knowledgeable and truthful to everyone she made contact with. We started sitting together at lunch and that was where her friendship truly began to impact my life.. As we rushed to the lunch room to find a table with our friends, she saw someone sitting and eating lunch alone. She then invited him over to our table to come and eat with us, even though our table was full she made room for him. Not only did she start conversations with him but she invited him to our lunch table every day. This made me realize not everyone had the advantages that I did starting high school but it was up to me and my friends to make those people feel more welcome and included. Since that day I started using this level of reaching out within myself to other people. When I was on my way to a club early in the morning during the end of my freshman year, I saw a girl sitting alone before school. I simply asked her one question, “would you like to come to FEA with me”. As we walked into the classroom I realized, this is her chance to make friends and to create memories in high school rather than just being alone. As soon as we walked in she was signing up to get involved within the school and this allowed her to make her own friends, her own

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