Interpersonal Communication In Law Enforcement

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Organizational Communication Communication in law enforcement, what exactly does it refer to? Is it the communication between police officers and the citizens of the public? Or is it communication within the police department or communication between law enforcement agencies? Without communications, police departments would not function successful. If there was no communication between police and the public the results can lead to the community having negative feeling towards police. Communication is very important between the police and the public they serve; this paper will focus on communication within a police department, communication between police departments, and communication between the community and citizens. It will also focus on all of the different ways that law enforcement agencies communicate with each in order to provide the highest level of public safety to the community. It should be known that communication has gotten the most attention, concern, and controversy in public safety. Communication is critical when police officers and other first responders respond to critical incidents. We learned after September 11, that all emergency…show more content…
Interpersonal communication can be categorized in two; verbal & writing, non-verbal communication. This deals with the basics of verbal communication, they include; speaking clearly, not mumbling, and making eye contact when speaking to someone. The speaker must be able to provide credible information and speak with knowledge and experience. It is recommended that people follow the IMPACT principle of interpersonal communication. These principles can be applied to almost any situation, they include; “I” recognizes the need to Identify and Manage Emotions. “M” is for Master the Story. “P” stands for Promote Positive Behavior. “A” is for Achieve Rapport. “C” focuses on the need to Control Your

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