Becoming A Parole Officer

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How Do You Become a Parole Officer? Students who want to become a parole officer will be glad to know that there is a set application and screening process. Read on to learn the specific steps to becoming a parole officer. Preparation The first step in becoming a parole officer is to decide if this is a suitable career. A parole officer is a law enforcement specialist who works with recently released prisoners. They must monitor their parolee’s progress and ensure that they complete their legally mandated parole terms. Being a parole officer is a physically, emotionally and even psychologically demanding position. Parole officers must sometimes work with uncooperative parolees and in unsafe areas while interacting with ex-criminal offenders. Parole officers often have heavy caseloads with frequent court deadlines to meet. Parole officers must have strong physical endurance with solid emotional stability. Obtain a Degree…show more content…
The most common degree is in criminal justice, but some students pursue a degree in corrections, psychology or social work. Most degree programs are customized according to the state’s specifications for parole officers. A corrections or criminal justice degree will include classes that cover criminology, court systems and parole and probation. There will also be classes that introduce students to the juvenile, corrections, American prison and criminal justice systems. Students should note that a graduate degree is customarily required to get a job as a federal parole

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