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Logos: the power of reason Logos, or the appeal to arguments based on reason, is the only obligatory proof of the triad of invention. Logos is about the message when logic and reasoning are recruited to persuade the target audience. Aristotle considered this as the most important of the three factors involved in political rhetoric, he writes in his Rhetoric ‘persuasion is clearly a sort of demonstration, since we are most fully persuaded when we consider a thing to have been demonstrated. The orator’s demonstration is an enthymeme, and this is, in general, the most effective of the modes of persuasion’ (1954:22). Charteris-Black (2014:11) points out that logos is central to the rhetorical canon of invention, it represents a proposition that will be tested…show more content…
[Minor premise] a graduate tax is a socially equitable method of funding. [Conclusion] people should support a graduate tax Figure 4.2 Structure of an enthymeme [Premise] universities need a socially equitable means of funding. [Conclusion] people should support a graduate tax. Logical argument can be enhanced by supporting one of the premises with a persuasive reason; so the enthymeme in Figure 4.2 can be modified as in Figure 4.3 the reason explains the principle of progressive taxation to justify why a graduate tax might be viewed as socially equitable Figure 4.3 Reason [Premise] universities need a socially equitable means of funding. [Reason] Taxation is socially equitable because the more you earn the more you pay. [Conclusion] People should support a graduate tax. Figure 4.4 shows another way of backing an argument that is by some way of comparison, the analogy removes any distinction between graduates and non-graduates when it comes to taxation. Figure 4.4 Comparison / analogy [Premise] universities need a social equitable means of

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