An Introduction To Global Communication

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TITLE: GLOBAL COMMUNICATION Introductions: The globe is surrounded with different and numerous means by which it communicate with one another. The rate at which the communication moves has becoming something to be discussed about. Many products and services of one company in a country can be transmitted and established in another country via communication. Many products manufactured in a country is finding an enthusiastic acceptance in other countries of the world through communication. According to one of the writers of a book called “what it takes to be great”, he said and I quote “talent alone is not enough for great success, the more important key is practice” which means it is possible for someone to have knowledge of a business or…show more content…
The statistics has shown that great business organizations are great because of the strategies in communication they put in place. We have different ways by which we can communicate for instance visual, media, etc. The global communication is a very crucial phenomenon in business environment, it involves the ability to provide and access vital information across cultures via speaking ,reading, listening or writing. MAIN BODY At the international level, we cannot be mentioning successful companies without Coca-Cola, IBM, general electric etc. this will concentrates on the Coca-Cola. Their names has become the household word around the globe due to the various branches and main deports they have in various countries. John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886 and being a pharmacist he knows more about the constituent of the beverages. He has fought in civil war and later decided that he want to do something commercially that can earn him success, this was why the Coca-Cola was born like a little baby. John registered Coca-Cola and also designed the logo and even wrote the slogan, “The pause that refreshes”. Coca-Cola did not move so well before the Doc Pemberton died in 1888. Asa Griggs Candler rescued the commercial business of john by becoming the sole owner of the…show more content…
Coca cola uses global media method to also promote the product. This is also one of the components integrated by the company. This methodology employed which include radio, television, internets are the mass media used. The various campaigns through all these means had a major impact in the society. Most air craft then customized by Coca-Cola logo, most signs posts are being customized with logo. The advertisement of the company on radio and different dramas on television also make the product a global

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