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Developments in the standards of professional relationships with patients have made laws fundamental to the study and practice of medical care. During every part in the stages of a patients care, laws are in place to make sure patients are given up to date medical procedures. This essay will review the process and purposes of informed consent and to outline it's ethical and legal bases, and also take a look at a few of its limitations. Informed consent is the client's right to be informed about their medical treatment and to make the decision to participate in the treatment willingly. A consent serves as an agreement between the care-giver and the patient. This given consent allows any examination or treatment to be performed on a patient. Consent must be obtained from a patient in every aspect of a patients treatment. Failing to…show more content…
It is a concern for all healthcare professionals who come in contact with patients, at a medical center or within the patients dwelling. Consent has to be given voluntarily or willingly, and the individual must be entirely informed and also have the ability to give and make decisions for themselves without any issues. For all competent adults, consent acts as an agreement between the doctors and the patient, and it also allows for any examination or treatment to be administered. Nevertheless, patient consent must be obtained in every aspect of care, such as, a surgeon has to obtain consent to perform a surgery or procedure on a patients heart. In a case of a more risky procedure, such as surgery for breast cancer, or an invasive radiologic procedure, it is safe to assume that the risks are much higher then going in for routine vaccinations. The physician performing the procedure should be well versed and very knowlegable regarding the risks, benefits and alternatives for each

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