Pitbull Thesis

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Dogs are valuable to humans for their companionship, and their abilities to perform different tasks (Hsu & Sun, 2010). The purpose of this study is to research people’s attitudes towards pit bull breeds compared to other dog breeds. Media has put a huge alteration to the pit bull breed. A lot of people are in favor of pit bull dogs being named one of the top ten most dangerous breeds. The term “pit bull” refers to a type of dog with certain physical features including a muscular and stocky build, short coats, and a large skull with a square jaw. In order for the researcher to better understand peoples’ views about pit bull dogs opposed to an alternative breed, a survey was distributed with 10 pictures of dogs one including a pit bull. Overall,…show more content…
Initially the researcher was to print out individual questionnaires when completed. However, after conducting the questionnaire with five participants, it was easier to use an overhead projector. The researcher will keep only one hard copy of the questionnaire printed and in their possession and put into a manilla envelope. The answer key will be created on white computer paper with black ink. Questions one through six will have small lines for inserting answers manually as well as the first six questions containing demographic questions such as, what is your gender, what is your race, how old are you, do you currently own a dog, do you have a fear of dogs, have you ever been bitten/attacked by a dog. Questions seven through 16 will not have a line by their number however will have sub-set answer lines of A, B, C, and D with small lines for the insertion of their answer. Each portrait of dog will have the same four questions below their picture and they are a. how scared do you feel looking at this dog, b. would you ever touch or pet this dog, c. would you consider this dog cute, and d. would you allow this dog in your home. When the answer key is created it will be put into the same envelope as the hard copy of the questionnaire. Before dispersing the questionnaire out to the participants, each of them will be read an informed consent. The informed consent will also be printed on white computer paper with black ink and placed in the manilla envelope until use is required. The informed consent will state the objective of this study, which is about the fear of Pitbull Bred dog breeds and alternative dog breeds is part of a Research Methods III Psychology course being taught at SUNY College of Old Westbury by Christine M. Newman. The informed consent will aslo state while participating in this study participants will

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