The Misfit In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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Why is it that Donald rarely becomes upset? Why does he seem to not react to his misfortunes? Why does he, in our eyes, seem foolish and planless? While he is in this mindset, his brother Pete is angry, upset, and not at rest even though he has everything that he could ever want. This is a pattern that reflects in reality. How can someone who has nothing be as, or more, happier than others? This person does have something; They have faith in their god and religious beliefs. A plan has been set before them in life and they know their lord will deliver unto them the end promise; therefore, these people are not bothered by small unfortunate incidents because with this kept in their mind they are at peace with the world and their troubles. Donald…show more content…
He tries to see the love and the facts of the Holy Bible. The Misfit eventually comes to the conclusion that he himself has no proof of Jesus’ actions thus he can not believe in the Lord. Without an anchor to tie his faith on, The Misfit is able to place his faith and identity into worldly and corrupt things. He turns to becoming a killer with the rationality of, “If He didn’t (perform miracles), than it’s nothing for you to do but thow away everything but enjoy the few minutes you got left the best you can -- by killing somebody or burning down his house” (1261). The grandmother is a christian and lives a calm life while the man who was lost and follows no religion is surely corrupt and committs unbelievable acts involving slaughtering families. This is an extreme parallel to the situation of Pete but it correctly shows what occurs when you fail to place faith in a lord: with no purpose, you have no reason to live rightly and morally thus you stray adrift from your full moral potential. The Misfit places his identity in the corrupt actions he enjoys since he does not place it in a religion; however, Pete places his identity in materialistic objects and his sense of success. Pete with his identity placed in the world soon grows empty. This proposes a question to him, “I have everything yet I am still not satisfied.” His brother has nothing yet feels completely satisfied; why is
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