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Though many cities fall to ruin, few if any have mysteriously disappeared. Atlantis is a mythical city on a lost island beyond the Mediterranean Sea. Many scientists and believers of the city of Atlantis searched for proof of its existence, but none have succeeded. Plato, a famous philosopher, was the first to mention the possible existence of Atlantis in approximately 300 B.C. Over 2000 years later Donnelly revived the notion and interest in the lost city that lead to many theories about the existence of Atlantis. Two popular theories about Atlantis are that it was the ancient mythological land of Mu and it was a mythological story about the great flood of the Black Sea. After researching the history and theories of the story of the lost…show more content…
The city of Atlantis was described as a utopian society that was destroyed by the Greek Gods because of the citizens' greedy actions (LiveScience Online). Scholars have tried to link Plato's writings about Atlantis with actual cities that collapsed in the past, “Volcanic eruptions destroyed most of Thira about 1470 B.C. and largely wiped out the Minoan civilization, which had flourished on both Thira and Crete. Scholars think this civilization and its collapse inspired Plato's description of Atlantis."(WorldBook Online). The connection between Plato's writings about Atlantis and the collapse of Thira led scientists and explorers to look for physical evidence to prove that Atlantis was a real city. After hundreds of years of searching no credible evidence of the cities existence has been…show more content…
One of the most popular theories is that Atlantis refers to the ancient mythological land of Mu. "Mu is the name of a hypothetical continent that allegedly existed in either the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean. . . it was thought to have disappeared at the dawn of human history, its survivors emigrating to other continents to serve as the foundation for a number of later civilizations throughout the world." (TopTenz Online). Scientists have disproved that Mu was a real civilization because it is impossible that a large continent could have sunk in the ocean. Another popular theory is that Atlantis referred to the actual ancient flood of the Black Sea. Plato's story of Atlantis could have referred to the flooding of a real city on the edge of the Black Sea. However, archeologists have never found a city like Plato's description of

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