Informative Speech On Social Media

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We are living in this world where blockchain dried. But many of us are unaware about this technology but those who never shy or feel bad away from clap the technology. AAEAAQAAAAAAAAXhAAAAJDJlMWM5YzhmLTgyOTAtNGNiMi1hMDRjLWNmMjllMzU0MDVmOQ.png Source According to Abigail Johnson Blockchain technology isn't just a more efficient way to settle securities. It will fundamentally change market structures, and maybe even the architecture of the Internet itself. Let me tell you where the world is what is going on this world, in this world there are many type of human beings live some are intelligent some are below average but many of people are not understanding with out giving them examples. So I am giving you an example about the blockchain what actually it is. If we are sitting in any restaurant with friends and we order some dishes and others are unaware about that. If they start eating everyone follow with each other how one person eat and next…show more content…
Now we have to focus on our time how it becomes very important for us The best solution for we people living in this modern world is sphere Decentralised social networking site it is the best solution for every people who are living in this world. The things that you might not have thought of before, as you were too busy in your own world and forgot that there are some important things that the social networks, you're using, are stealing from you. Now see we people are consuming our time on other social networking sites but they all are centralised networking sites no guarantee of our data, no transparency. Our data will be hacked at any time. Sphere is a decentralised social networking site. Your private data, your information and other private data all is safe in this sphere. You can decide what to keep private and what to sell or who can access your content and everything you share on this network. Screenshot_20180310-230854~2.png
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