Case Study Of Abstratic Dance School

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1) Abstratics --- About Abstratics is a dance school that was established because of Karthik Tantri, our dyamic founder and his passion for dance as an art form. The dance school was established in the year 2013 as a small institute. The trifold aim to teach, learn and create dance is what had triggered the idea of Abstratics. It is a proof of the founder’s commitment and excellence that within a short span of about two years, the Abstratics family has grown to more than hundred members. Currently, there are more than 90 students and 10 dedicated team members at Abstratics, all of whom have come together for the common love for dance. Abstratics caters to a wide range of learners and dance enthusiasts, from professionals to beginners, from experts to those taking their first steps in the world of dance. We believe that dance is not just a form of creative art but also a vocation that requires commitment and training. Abstratics is committed to providing that training to persons from all sections of the society.…show more content…
At Abstratics, we realise the need for the development of an independent attitude towards the dance forms we have teach and have been taught by various media. We borrow from the classical and the modern alike in our steps to incorporate innovation in all our dance works. The choreography and the teaching methods employed at Abstratics are both known for their versatility and creativity. We challenge students in a positive way so that they are able to inculcate self-motivation to work towards developing their

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