Tissue In The Human Body

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The organs in a human body are made of a structure called tissue which is also made of cells with similar functions. Tissue are commonly categorized by the function of the cells that make it up. There are four types of tissues in the human body which are nervous, epithelial, muscular, and connective tissue. Out of those four types, the most researched tissue is the nervous tissue since it is involved in brain activity. The main components that make up nervous tissue are nerve cells better known as neurons. An important structure of nervous tissue that is rarely known are the neuroglial cells. Neurons are a specialized type of cell that receive and transmit information as electrical or chemical signals. Neurons pass on the information by synapses…show more content…
The soma makes up the central body of the neuron which changes in size due to the specialization of the neuron. It contains most of the organelles of the cell including the nucleus and Nissl granules which are mainly made of rough endoplasmic reticulum and polyribosomes. Another component of a neuron is the axon which is a protoplasmic projection of a neuron where most of the electrical impulses are carried away from the soma or broadcast. Neurons commonly have only one axon although there are some neurons without axons and use the dendrites to transmit information. Lastly, neurons are made of dendrites which are similar to the axon in that they are able to conduct information. The difference between the two protrusions are that dendrites generally receive information from another neuron , typically from the axon of that neuron, to the soma of that neuron. Although, some neurons do not have an axon so the dendrites act as receivers and transmitters of…show more content…
Gage was in an explosive accident where a metal rod was lodged into the left frontal lobe of his brain. Gage survived the injury and his skull even healed. He could perform actions he previously could do such as talking and walking yet some damage must have occurred. Gage’s personality changed which later on was confirmed by researchers that that part of the brain is related to the qualities that people identify themselves with. It is unbelievable how a person can still live after an injury that severe to an integral part of the human body which is why the brain is so fascinating to many people hence the endless research on this

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