Infection Control In Health Care

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Infection control is defines as the discipline that is concerning with preventing nosocomial or healthcare-associated infection, it is a epidemiology of sub practical discipline. It is almost essential, though often underrecognized and undersupported, that is considered to be part of the infrastructure of health care industry. Infection Control Practices is to ensure that those who are vulnerable in acquiring infection are protected and prevented from the community and when they are receiving treatment in relation to their health condition whether in the hospital or in the clinic. Hygiene is considered to be the most common, basic and effective way of preventing and controlling any occurrences of infection (WHO, 2016) Every year, lives are…show more content…
Proper infection control is to be imposed to all the Health care personnel who are working in the department and should include educating the patient and their family members for a favorable outcome and to prevent occurrence of any complication after the surgery. It was observed that in Perioperative environment that there is a higher chance of occurrence of infection since all the patients that are coming inside the theatre is most likely will undergo an invasive procedure or a surgery that will compromise their health allowing more portal of entry for infections. That is why a standard precautionary measures are ensure to protect not only the patients but all the things that are going to be in contact with such as instruments, machines and equipment, items and supplies, health care workers and even the condition of the…show more content…
Both resident and transient bacterial flora is well-known to be naturally present in the Human hands (Cosgrove, 2015).However, nowadays, health care workers are mostly having an increased risk to have a persistent colonization with such pathogens such as gram-negative bacilli, S aureus, and yeast because of repetitive exposures to the pathogenic bacteria. With the absence of having a sound hand hygiene practice, the threatening pathogen may be easily transmitted to patients and also to the health care workers. I personally believed that practicing good and proper hand hygiene abided by the 7 (seven) steps of hand washing in the Operating Theater will reduce the existence of

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