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Surgical Site Infection (SSI) refers to an infection that occurs after operation within 30 days if no implant or within one year if implant (1). SSI is one type of nosocomial infection in which a surgical infection occurs after invasive procedures (2). Risk factors of SSI: There are many factors that affect the susceptibility of any surgical wound to be infected. These are intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors. Both factors may influence potential risk for the development of SSI (3). Intrinsic factors are including age, nutritional status, cigarette smoking, prolonger hospitalization, hypothermia and medical underlying condition. Extrinsic factors refer to environmental management factor that may cause SSI, include pre-operative shaving, transient microorganism, lengthy operation, prophylaxis antibiotic, and sterilization of instrument.…show more content…
It is characterized by increased blood flow, increased vascular permeability, damage tissue, secretion of preformed mediator, and local regional accumulation of these biochemical active compound and inflammatory cell. The magnitude of the inflammatory response and its symptoms are dependent on the burden of tissue injury and on the number and pathogencity of the invaliding microorganism. This infection may be locally and systematically involved (4). Clinical feature of SSI: Clinical feature of SSI consists of local and systemic signs and symptoms of surgical wound infection including earthma, pain, Edema, and temperature. Surgical wounds may include abscess formation, purulent drainage from the wound site, delayed wound healing, and easily bleeding of granulation tissue

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