Antilock Braking System Research Paper

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Abstract:- Antilock braking systems are used in modern vehicles to prevent the wheels from locking after brakes are applied. During an emergency stop, the automatic modulation of wheel lock is prevented by ABS system. It makes the driver to maintain steering control and to stop in the shortest possible distance under most conditions by preventing the wheels from locking. This paper describes an integrated vehicle braking system dynamics and control modelling procedure for vehicle. Introduction:- Anti-lock braking system is an automobile safety system that allows the wheels on a motor vehicle to maintain tractive contact with the road surface according to driver inputs while braking,…show more content…
Without antilock breaking system when brakes are applied with enough force to lock the wheel, the vehicle slides uncontrollably because, there is absence of traction between the road and tire of the vehicle. History:- The History of ABS is detailed below:  ABS was first developed for aircraft use in 1929 by the French automobile and aircraft pioneer as threshold breaking on airplanes is nearly impossible. These systems included flywheel and valve which is connected to a hydraulic line that feeds the brake cylinders. The drum is connected with flywheel that runs at the same speed as the wheel.  In 1958, a Royal Enfield super meteor motorcycle was used by the road research laboratory to test the Maxaret Anti-Lock Brake. The experiments of brake demonstrated that anti-lock brakes can be more useful in motorcycles and provide a great value. The reduction was measured in most of the tests compared with locked wheel breaking, specially on slippery surfaces, in which the improvement could be more at 30 percent.  The first fully electronic antilock system was developed in the late 60s for the Concorde…show more content…
 In 1972, four wheel drive Triumph 2500 Estates were fitted with MULLARD electronic systems as standard. Such cars were very few and not available in today`s market.  In 1988, the first motorcycle with an electronic-hydraulic antilock breaking system was the BMW K100.  Honda followed suit in 1992 with the launch of its first motorcycle ABS on the ST1100 Pan European.  In 2005, Harley-Davidson started to put a option of ABS for police bikes.  In 2007, Suzuki launched its GSF1200SA (Bandit) with an antilock breaking system. Parts:- The ABS contain following parts…… i. Speed Sensors:- The speed sensors are used to calculate the speed of wheel. It is also used to know when the wheel is going to

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