Advantages And Disadvantages Of Socio-Technical Issues

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FACEBOOK SOCIO-TECHNICAL ISSUES AND CHALLENGES by Student’s Name Code + Course Name Professor’s Name University City, State Date Introduction The intention of this paper is to investigate various socio-technical issues and challenges associated with social-technical systems. The term “social-technical” indicate that the system constituents include people and technology. Fundamentally, individuals pursue certain goals and to achieve them; they utilize technology to interact with other people. For the social interaction to be sustained through technology, the social dimension gets mediated by the technical dimension. The social dimension influences the technical dimension by creating social needs that the technical dimension must meet. For the new social needs to be met; the technical and social dimensions must co-evolve. Failure to meet the social needs leads to issues and challenges which the paper seeks to highlight and propose possible solutions. The complexity generated by the social-technical dimensions interaction can be clearly seen in the most famous social networking sites. The social media companies (e.g. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, mySpace, etc…) aim to create; promote and sustain certain necessary social relationships. Among the key goal of a social networking system is to create and maintain an…show more content…
The subset and selection of categories of the information entered is solely dictated by Facebook technical dimension (Anderle, 2015). The user reflection is shaped by what is allowed and required by the template. Even if the user defies the categorization of information; whatever he/she put will still be under the labels preset by Facebook. Similar to what is witnessed in a carnival house of mirrors; where the reflection depends on the architecture of the house, Facebook user reflection is a product of Facebook algorithms and architecture (Baxter, and Sommerville,

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