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Top 10 Reasons For Low Birth Weight In Babies And How Does It Affect Them? Amongst all the concerns of parents, one of their major concerns happens to be the low birth weight in babies. It is a term used for babies who weigh less than 2.5 kilograms at birth. Approximately three out of every 500 babies are born with a low birth weight. However, the cause of this low weight in babies is more important that the weight itself. While some babies are born small without any medical problem, others do have some serious underlying cause. Here are the top 10 reasons why babies are born underweight: 1. Premature Birth One of the most common causes of low birth weight in babies is premature delivery. It is a term used to signify babies who are born before…show more content…
Women, who have severe conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems or heart diseases, often tend to experience premature delivery. Such pregnancies are often tough, with a host of complications at various stages. It is highly advisable for such women to follow a strict diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Such women must work closely under the guidance of a professional. 10. History Studies have shown that a history of premature or low birth weight deliveries increases the likelihood of another low birth weight delivery in the future. The underlying cause of this might not be clearly identified. How Does Low Birth Weight Affect Babies? At times, low birth weight might pose no threat to the new born baby, especially when it was a full-term delivery with no medical issues. However, at other times, if the child happens to be delivered before 37 weeks or if the child was born full-term but with some medical issues, then a low birth weight can pose some serious threats. Here are following conditions that a low birth weight baby might be affected with: • Complications in the immune system • Complications in the functioning of the lungs • Thickening of the blood (Polycythaemia) • Respiratory Distress Syndrome

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