The Importance Of A NASCAR Mooto-Racing Team

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Teamwork is vital in any organization or sports team. In NASCAR, people focus on the driver and how good he is in order to win the races, but a moto-racing team is much more than that. Most of the drivers have the same technology, gears, and the same type of cars. This means that the driver alone is not the only important part of creating a NASCAR winning team. The amount of effort and work behind a NASCAR moto-racing team is sometimes composed of up to one hundred and thirty members, divided in subsystems where every one is a vital part of a giant body that has to work as one. This type of team needs to know how to work under synergy, a group that has as a result one plus one equal to three. I would like to brake this team down as demonstrated…show more content…
Driving at 200 mph is probably not the most comfortable speed to drive, because of the high level of stress due to the constant pressure of competing with the other drivers and keeping yourself out of an accident. I identified that Jeff Gordon is probably experiencing “Awareness of other “, being aware of the behaviors, performances, and styles of others (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-bien, Hunt, 2012, p. 26). In addition, he needs to be in the right state of mind and mood for the time he is behind the wheel. Jeff Gordon is probably a type A orientation, because in that type of sport one needs the desire to win and be very competitive. Another trait that characterizes a NASCAR driver is that they must be able to follow directions, good listener, an intuitive decision maker, patient, good attitude, and most of all trust his team…show more content…
Management is the heart of the operation because they can be an inspiration for the rest of the team members. Management works as the brain that gathers the information to then provide it to the body parts, and also the brain communicates emotions and sensations. Ray Evernham, is the leader of the team “Rainbow Warrior”, which is Jeff Gordon’s pit crew. Evernham is one of the best in the business, but also a great leader. His team is conformed by one hundred and twenty technicians and mechanics, which probably is not an easy task to keep all those individuals aligned with the team goals. It seems that he is very aware of the importance of keeping the team members engaged by creating a fair atmosphere for all the technicians and mechanics, making sure that he becomes a better leader every day, so his team members perform at the highest level. Mr. Evernham shows empathy and recognizes how important his team is. He splits all his bonuses among the team members. He believes they are won due to the team performance. He also sits in circle at the meetings showing that they have the same level of importance for the team as everyone higher up. Even in this sport we can apply the four functions of

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