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The Harrison Brother is long established and there is no doubt that the company is able to cope up with the trends of the changing business environment. The need to develop its HR into strategic HRM is potent. The traditional approaches in the area of specialisation might be reviewed and probed if it is still effective in the current times. With the fact that every aspect of the business change, it is also same as true to the company environment. The Harrison Brothers Corporation possesses the capacity to achieve its strategic goals with the right choice of people to work out such. However, there are some predictable problems that might occur in the process. The management change will create an overwhelming feeling to the employees affected.…show more content…
In serving in their role as strategic partners, HRM personnel must recognize the actions they must take to associate HRM planning to the organization’s strategic plans. This understanding must also include an appreciation of the challenges and pitfalls of SHRM planning. Further, there is an increased requirement for managers and HRM personnel to assess the effectiveness of the HRM function and its function in serving the organization in accomplishing its strategic objectives. This evaluation usually focuses on specific HRM practices and the more current importance on bundles of so-called HRM finest practices. Making the change to SHRM from traditional HRM is a protracted and multifaceted procedure. It is essential for both senior managers and HRM personnel to subject the benefits of the process of transforming SHRM. Importantly, the evaluation of the effectiveness of a particular HRM practice must continually scrutinize the concern of whether SHRM really provides benefits for all the effort that goes into the organization. It is vital to reemphasize the value of the partnership between the HRM department and managers at all…show more content…
It is all on their brilliant and effective implementation of the best and systematic human management policies and procedures. With the help on the “work force”, company’s success is definite and viable. Through effective implementation from the start up to the end, it will yield to higher employees’ productivity and increase of revenue. All HRM functions are deliberate and directed to the success of the organization. The function of HRM is for the betterment of the organisation’s working force. It is very essential for the HRM Managers and staff to concentrate on the feature wherein it needs special kind of attention. Everything changes. And in order for companies to go with the flow of current trends, they must be fully equipped with all the necessary factors affecting a satisfactory human resources management system. As from the conception of an employee up to the end of his or her service to the organization, the HRM function will always be directed to the purposes of holistic human development to attain the ultimate goal –

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