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Work is an important thing to everybody. Work is also referring to human labor. Workers are the main factor of production. Workers also play an important role in economic. If the workers of the country are not being treated well, then the economy will become worst. In this world, human needs to get a job for life secure. Human is a creature that has desire or need for the life. Job ensures that a person can earn money and get what him or her desire for. To fulfill the needs or desires, human would work hard in the job, gets promoted and earn more money. These would be good reasons for workers act rationally to pursue their financial targets. Rationality is reasonable, based on facts or grounds of the nature or status. Rationality means that…show more content…
Work ethic is just not work very hard and accompany by a set of virtues. From work ethic of Weber (1905), laziness was totally against this theory and wrong. Work ethic also is a belief and value of act in working. Work ethic is actually come from Protestan work ethic. Protestan work ethic is theology, sociology, economics, history that emphasizing hard work, thrift and hard work of a man's salvation, fixed display in the Christian faith, compared to religious attendance, the focus of the concept of repentance in the Catholic sacraments and rituals tradition. This concept has proved that workers must have work ethic in working and work ethic is very important. To pursue financial success, work ethic is one of important…show more content…
Workers must know how to set the limitation of spending and earning. Workers must have saving targets nowadays. For budget, income and expenditure is estimated at a specified time in the future period. Budget for individuals, families, group of people, businesses, governments, national, multinational organization, or any other thing, make and spend money. The budget is a concept shows that when switching to another to make a good tradeoff. According to Burell and Morgan (1992), epistemology is a theory of knowledge. Knowledge is familiar and conscious, such as facts, skills, evidence, or information, which are perceived by experience or education, discovery, or learning the insights obtained. Budgeting is one of the knowledge that is very important to workers. Rationalism is the dogma that reason only source of knowledge is independent of experience. According to Burell and Morgan (1992), The reason for this is the main source of views and knowledge tests. Hold that reality itself has an inherent logical structure, rational truth assert the existence of class intellect can grasp. Many workers have to work based ordering of a boss. But workers still have rational in helping the boss complete the

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