Informative Essay For World War 1

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World War 1 was an extremely tragic war. It has changed how we, the world, view ourselves. As well as, how countries view one another. The tremendous, historical, carnage of World War 1 was the result of antiquated military tactics and the principles cobbled (combined) with deadly modern technology. Meaning the world was forever changed after this war. Countries began to advance military technology. It made them aware of other countries powers. Made them see that they are not the only country in the world. This war killed more people than any other previous war. A total of sixteen million people died, that was twenty-one percent of the world population, dead. The united states lost about 116,000 people in the war. Two hundred and five thousand…show more content…
Then in the Central Powers we had Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. Many other countries were neutral during this war, others were in the war for small amount of time during the war. The united states declared neutrality but eventually ended up joining the allies. The reasons for us joining the side of the allies are, British Culture,it was very similar to the culture of ours, the language is also similar, and Great Britain is America's greatest trading partner. The United States got their news from the british and were able to change and give any news that they were given. They would try to make the central powers seem extremely bad. Politics also played a role, our current president was good friends with the leaders of Britain. Germany also sunk one of the United States ship. The Lusitania. Germany announced that all vessels in the war zone neutral or unarmed will be sacked without warning. On April 6, 1917 the United States goes into war. A huge part for us going into war was because the U.S. did not want any mocking from other countries, and president wilson wanted to ensure a place at the Peace Table. He also wanted to design the new world order, in other words, a war to end all

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