Why Is Torture Justified

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Torture: Justifiable or Not? Torture, as an interrogation device, has been used by many, mostly because its efficiency in extracting information from its victim. But what does torture truly do? Many despises the crude method of itself, many questioned its legitimacy of gathering information. Regardless of its prohibition by the international law, torture is commonly used illegally. For this reason, in this essay I argue that torture should not be justified because it is not trustworthy, in inflicts pain towards its victim and it also dehumanize the perpetrator. Therefore, I present reasons why it should not be justified in 3 main points, which are: 1. The information is not trustworthy Quoted from Aristotle’s Rhetoric: ”We must say that evidence under torture is not trustworthy, the fact being that many men whether thick-witted, tough-skinned, or stout of heart endure their ordeal nobly, while cowards and timid men are full of boldness till they see the ordeal of these others: so that no…show more content…
This saying is of a base taken from Declaration of Tokyo (1975) ,”… is defined as the deliberate, systematic or want on infliction of physical or mental suffering..” and following it, The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 5 told us that,” No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment." Having torture justified means that these violation will be justified. This implies to a greater effect, which could include a worse imagery of the government and more underground tortured being allowed in a manner that “torture is justified”. It also still has the lack of effectiveness, and although it would help to get the information in short amount of time, it doesn’t cover that the possibility of the information is only a diversion or a mere fake information is
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