Synthesis Essay For High School

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Reed Melvin F.I.T. College Essay Prompt: Florida Tech’s location maximizes students’ ability to explore careers, gain work experience, and conduct research with faculty in their major field or interest. How would you take advantage of these opportunities? Cold emptiness, void of everything except a few specks of light dotting the darkness like fireflies on a summer night. At the center, me. But not just me, all of us. Every person that has ever lived and died, have done so on this mote of dust that is suspended on a sun beam. Our pale blue dot is the center of everything we do. It is also the center of everything. Before the concept of being heliocentric, astronomers believe that Earth was the center of our solar system. In a way they were right, not in being the center of our solar system, but being the center of the observable universe. No matter where you are in space, you are always the center of the observable universe with everything expanding away from you. This idea can give any person the thought of some higher importance. The universe is infinitely expanding, therefore making the universe infinite, and leaves us feeling alone.…show more content…
An infinite universe means infinite possibilities. With this idea, who can say that there isn’t, has been, or will be some form of life, other than us, out there somewhere in some other corner of the universe on some other pale dot. The most basic fact about life is that it needs water to survive. This fact comes from the only example that we know of, Earth. But the recent findings of water still on Mars and the frozen oceans of Jupiter’s moon, Titan, gives us hope of finding life right in our own planetary
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