Importance Of Water Conservation Essay

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Water conservation (A need for future)  Water scarcity is a global problem.  According to the latest research conducted by Stockholm international water institute, around 20% of the world’s population live in areas of physical water scarcity.  By 2030, the world might face a 40% global demand/supply gap of accessible, reliable water supply for economic development.  Around 2.6 billion people got access to improved drinking water sources since 1990,but 663 million people are still having not access of pure drinking water.  The Hospitality industry is one of the major area where water plays a determining part in everyday operations and potential growth. UNSDG Goals By 2030,  Achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all  Substantially increase…show more content…
 Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is employed which recycles water and used across the hotel. Approximately 30% of this recycled water is used in the garden and flush systems  Aerators/Flow Restrictors including Duel Flush System maintains water force and. reduces outflow, hence saves water.  Rain Water Harvesting used to protect and replenishes the ground water table.  Auto Flush for Public Urinals minimizes water wastage.  Water saving poster placed in all rooms that quantifies the saving of water each guest can do by not getting their linen changed daily. Encourages guests to do their small bit to save precious water when they are travelling. From the above first graph we can see that, lemon tree hotel water consumption is low compared to other hotel because of the various method adopted by the lemon tree hotel and from the second picture we can say that hotel is adopting many measure to conserve toilet, bathing, drinking and cooling water so we are suggesting one way to conserve laundry water which is around 20% of total consumption of hotel water. Strategic incremental plan for water

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