Advantages Of Nanotechnology

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Is nanotechnology dangers or useful? , what is a nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is in the recruitment of fixtures nanoparticles in equipment and instruments with nanoscale dimensions, it is important to know that the nanoscale is very, very small so you can not build it smaller things The concept of nanotechnology depends on the grounds that particles smaller than one hundred nanometers (a nanometer is a part of the thousand-millionths of a meter) give the material within the structure and behavior of new properties. This is because these particles (which are smaller than the wavelengths characteristic associated with certain phenomena) show new concepts of physical, chemical, leading to new behavior depends on the particle size. It was…show more content…
As well as since the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries photography technique relies on the production of a film or membrane is made of silver nano-particles of light-sensitive. Despite the positive aspects that nanotechnology can carry to the future of development and facilitate life, but that there are a lot of experts who believe that the use of this technique in certain areas of life may have undesirable consequences of the potential health and environmental impacts of technology nanotechnology, as well as fears of nanotechnology applications in the military fields, and pointed out that the research into the health and environmental implications effects of funding on nanotechnology should be commensurate with for the development of that Technology .Have shown study the Oxford University research funding that nano titanium dioxide particles in ointments anti-sun hit the DNA of the skin Damage .as such study of the Johnson Space Center and NASA have shown that carbon nanotubes are more harmful than quartz dust which causes asbestos, a fatal disease gets in workplaces .as such recently published study showed that the manometer carbon nanotube, which is an unprecedented technological revolution, may be harmful and deadly organisms, including humans. And find ways to monitor potential new risks, and deal with them efficiently, in order to secure the future of this new

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