Importance Of Water Resources Essay

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Climate change (global warming) refers to the rise in average surface temperatures on Earth. Mostly scientists said that climate change is due to the anthropogenic activities that include fossil fuel burning causes increase in carbon dioxide concentration. Water resources are very vital to both society and ecosystems. We depend on a pure supply of drinking water for life and our health. We also need water for, energy production, agriculture, recreation, navigation and manufacturing. Uses of water put stresses on water resources, pressure that is likely to be problem by climate change. Water resources: are sources of water that are potentially useful. Uses of water include agricultural, industrial, household, recreational and environmental activities.…show more content…
Numbers of species are decreasing due to the climatic influence, as there is the apprehension among the global net production. In future the fish’s generation in the high latitude areas will be decreased because of the increase in global warming, increase in glacier melting and decrease in ice cover. But the decrease in the production in lower latitudes is because of different process. There is the reduction in nutrient’s recycling this is due to lessen vertical mixing resulting decrease in production. Climate change and fishing effects have a strong bond as the age, size and the geographic diversity is changed due to fishing practices and because of climate change marine biodiversity is disturbing and other than that the inland fishery species are also damaging as the change in precipitation rate and poor management of water. The major threat on inland and marines fish’s production is the climate change events occurring in huge and intense level. In many of the fisheries having the great impacts of climate change, the fish production is already

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