Importance Of Volunteering

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When Hillary Clinton said “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society”, she inspired me to start volunteering at various places to help others. One of the places I volunteered at was the hospital in the x-ray services, seeing a photo of a broken arm captivated me to explore more about the field. The advanced technology that allowed doctors to see inside of a human body without diagnosis or surgery amazed me. I got the experience to help with taking x-ray photos and examine Radiologists as they would view these photos to conclude the diagnosis of the patient. Pictures of loose fragments and parts of the body were fascinating because the doctors were able to identify certain diagnosis such as heart…show more content…
As well as the friends and families of the patient can also need some cheering up. Communication skills are also obtained throughout the experience gained, the ability to listen to a patient or a staff member is needed to make accurate decisions relating to the patient’s problem. Results come next, which is needed to be communicated to the patient and their friends and family, therefore communication is needed for the information to be presented orally or written. The accurate result is needed when presenting the result of the patient diagnosis, therefore, detail-oriented skill is needed. I obtained this skill when I worked at a clothing store when folding the clothes I paid close attention to how both ends of the sleeves needed to be folded precisely in order for the blouse to perfectly match with the rest of the blouses. If the blouse was folded differently the rest of the blouse would not look as neat as if it was. Similarly, a patient’s exam result is needed to be viewed in detail in order to match the accurate result needed to diagnose the…show more content…
It is also done faster than any methods used today. MRI specifically is a wonderful scan because of its precision scanning the body to detect any irregularities in the body. MRI machines also effectively show each part of the part precisely and are able to observe certain parts of the body that no other machines would. It’s important for MRI technicians to set the patient into a correct position for the scan to get a layer by layer image of the body. Although patients might be fear and be anxious about their results, they may not feel relaxed to be in the scan. This causes unclear images of the body, therefore, ensuring patients that the scan is not as scary as they think is important to make them feel

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