The Importance Of Voting

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Introduction Political culture has been an area a subject of political science largely because it deals with political attitudes and behavioral patterns of the population. This culture determines relations of the citizens with the political system in terms of elections. Elections have specific elements that have impact on behavior pattern on political attitudes. This covers various aspect which deals with elections and voting. People are always engaged in voting because of the perceived benefits that are obtained from balloting (McDonald 107). This means that regardless of the effect of the outcome of an election, it may have substantial effect on a person’s life. Citizens always participate in voting playing the role of political actor in…show more content…
Therefore provides the link between the individual voters to the political system, for instance the government. With such a link created through voting, it legitimately serves the political system to the extent of democracy and shape policies so that they accord with the popular wishes and interest (Green, 79). In most of the parliamentary democracies in the world, for instance the U.S, the straightforward and easiest form of political participation is through voting. This research paper will give in sight on the importance of a person’s vote, the reasons why they vote and engage in non-voting political activities in the process of an election. Hypothesis Across the political spectrum the political systems are always in a deplorable state. This is because of controversial aspects of an electoral democracy. The hypothesis of this study is on the controversial aspect of an electoral democracy regardless of the outcome. For example, in the case of America in the November 2014 election almost two thirds…show more content…
This is because the various activities that is associated with election and voters participation in the various political camps. The author provides a detailed account to the fact that election and voting are forms of civic engagement in which citizens feel it is their responsibility to participate in. O’Neil gives insight on the issue of civic engagement in which the citizens are involved in the political activities that they believe is their responsibility. She further explains that the activities of civic engagement goes beyond civic affairs such as involvement in the community associations but also covers the dimensions such as political interest. Therefore this indicated that each individual has a personal call to services that motivates and inspires actions in voting or volunteering for a political camp during elections (Brennan, 128). Furthermore, voting or volunteering provides individuals with a touchstone to engage in democratic process inspired by the social responsibility, visions and values. Everything that begins with call to service such as participating in a political process or in the election indicate commitment of an individual to political responsibility. Most people are inspired to vote regardless of the outcome or engage in volunteering activities for the various political groups because it gives the

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