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I decided to re-apply to the University of Virginia Direct Entry MSN: Clinical Nurse Leader program for several reasons. First off, for me, no other program really compares to UVA’s, and for that reason, it is surely worth another shot. Secondly, while I was proud of my previous application, I felt that there was still more that I wanted to say. I especially feel that I have a better grasp on what I want my future to look like as a nurse leader. Thirdly, I finished my prerequisites, and did very well in them, which I think shows a great deal of perseverance and commitment to my future career. Lastly, but perhaps most important of them all, I want more than anything to be a nurse. I want to be the person who is there to hold a patient’s hand…show more content…
As a child, I remember racing off the school bus, up the hill, to a house full of kids from my mom’s home daycare. Much of my afternoons were gladly spent helping my mom care for the younger kids. As I grew older, the time I had spent helping my mom and babysitting on my own led to a passion for children. I put my passion to work, as a young adult, by volunteering at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU, and working as a medical assistant at Wiley and Arkin Pediatrics, a small pediatrics office. I had the opportunity to help care for kids of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Most inspiring to me was the comfort I was able to bring to the kids. I got to lighten the mood during scary doctor’s visits with a joke and a smile, and brighten up mornings spent inside a hospital with fun games and laughter. Moments like these motivated me to work towards becoming a nurse. To be able to care for and comfort kids when they need it the most is the ultimate inspiration for…show more content…
Over and over again, throughout my and my sibling’s lives, they explained that being well educated would lead to a job that we would love, and was the start to a happy, comfortable life. For me, the importance of what my parents said did not really sink in until shortly after my twentieth birthday when I found out I was pregnant. Having my daughter inspired me to think about our future. It became important to me to be a role model for her. In a matter of years, with my family’s unwavering support, I went from an academic suspension to graduating cum laude. In that time, I mastered study skills and learned how to have balance amongst the most important areas of my life. I found that doing well in school and getting involved in my classes was a very rewarding feeling. I was drawn to nursing when I was first looking at careers in the medical field, but I was initially scared off by the competiveness of the programs. Getting my bachelor’s degree and working and volunteering in the medical field helped to prepare me for the rigors of nursing school, and motivated me to pursue a career as a nurse

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