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INTRODUCTION Word of mouth advertisement is an unpaid form of promotion in which the consumers tell about their good experience with the product of differentiated brands. It is very major aspect of the marketing world but it is ignored badly. But today every business requires the word of promotion because it is the best form of advertisement as it does not cost anything to the owner. It is most important for the newly launched product as it has been used or consumed by less number of audience. The consumers indulge in word of mouth conversation when something is happened far beyond the expectations of the consumer. The employees or staff members cannot do the word of mouth advertisement is can only be done by the customer. The staff cannot do it by providing an exciting and exceptional experience to the customer. The nonverbal and physical effect helps in trigger the word of mouth. It is a modern way of advertisement. When people want to choose a restaurant, gym or a Smartphone the main thing they check is online review of the customers. Word of mouth make the customer feels a valuable member of their company or brand. While there are many medias available for advertisement but the verbal buzz continues as people with the opinion cannot keep quite. Research paper 1…show more content…
Word of mouth is very important factor as it reflects the original review of the customers about the brand and product. It’s a human tendency that if person likes the thing he will tell to large crowd about its features and uses but on the contrary if the product harms the consumer or the product is bad the buyer will hide from the crowd because it can hurt his status and image in a society. By providing better quality or by maintaining good brand image the businessmen can earn positive remarks from the customers and which will largely effects the sales of the

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