Kaori Miyazono Case Study

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At the age of five, during a certain piano recital at her school, Kaori Miyazono discovered a whole new side of music, even though she was familiar with instruments and music scores. That event became a turning point in her life, but she wasn't aware of its importance at the time. After witnessing Kousei Arima's performance with her own eyes, she couldn't help but to admire him. The very first moment she got back from the piano recital, she decided that she has to become a violinist and have Kousei play the piano as her accompanist; originally she was attending piano classes, but in order to achieve her goal she had to quit and learn how to play the violin. That was the power of Kousei Arima, who was completely unaware of how much he could influence somebody else.…show more content…
Because of that, she periodically had to do some checkups so she missed classes every so often. After she collapsed in her first year of middle school and was hospitalized, she couldn't attend classes and basically wouldn't go to school at all. Finding her parents crying in the hospital waiting room one night made her realize how little time she had left. That was the next turning point in her life; she didn't want to leave any regrets before dying, so she did everything she wanted and didn't look behind, not even once. And she told a lie. A lie that brought her closer to Kousei Arima, the boy who she was admiring from far away. She found it hard to fit in the Arima's group since he and his friends seemed to be really close and she didn't want to be a burden. Pretending to be in love with Kousei's best friend, Ryota Watari, Kaori asked Tsubaki Sawabe (another friend of Kousei's and her classmate as well) to introduce her to him and Tsubaki granted her

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