I Want To Be An Occupational Therapist Essay

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When I was first introduced to the term “occupational therapy” as a child, my grandmother was arriving home from the hospital after a severe fall and a lengthy stay. I was unaware of the specifics behind the work, but I was aware of how reliant my grandmother was on therapy and how she slowly but surely, began to heal. At a young age, I just believed it was magic. Now, many years later, I am ready to take the magic of healing, and cultivate it into my life long career. My passion to become an occupational therapist comes from my determination to help people optimize their quality of life. It is my goal to help inspire individuals to discover their strengths and be confident about them. As a volunteer at an assisted living facility, I provide elders so dependent on others and their wheelchair with activities and exercises previously out of reach. Conclusively, occupational therapy stands out to me because of the connectedness it has with the patient population. I not only want to be a solution for a problem, but a healer for the past and a guide for the future. Occupational therapist provide change in patients lives in such a profound and personal way, I cannot dream of anything I would rather do.…show more content…
I became fascinated with the way they lead people to more fulfilling lives each so differently. I found my true passion after volunteering in an assisted living home with geriatrics. The expression of gratitude from them after one slight improvement in order to get them back to their daily living was so heartwarming. Elders become ashamed because they cannot perform like they used to, that just motives me more than ever to help them overcome their physical

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