The Importance Of Honor

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Honor is upholding ethical and moral choices, and maintaining an excellent reputation. For a student, it can be quite difficult to maintain a virtuous moral compass. This is due to an abundance of different factors, like peer pressure and high expectations. In my own life, I maintain my own honor by not taking the easy way out. It is easier to cheat on tests than to actually spend time learning the material. Despite this, I rather acquire my grades knowing that I earned them than by being manipulative and sneaky. Throughout my school life, I have faced with several opportunities to cheat. But each time, I have refused to do so. I may not receive straight As, but I am proud and honored to say that I earned my grades through my persistent work. For many of my peers, they cannot say the same. Honor is something you work for and is not gained through dishonesty.…show more content…
Being passionate about a subject is often seen as a negative, but I tend to disagree. Having a strong opinion should not be looked down upon. However, refusing to listen to opposing viewpoints, and not respecting these opinions should be. Also, many describe me as passionate due to my dedication. When I discover a topic that intrigues, I aim to learn everything about it while also trying to be the best I can be. In middle school, I would spend my free time practicing my serving and passing. I did this so I could become the most outstanding player on my team. Being passionate about a hobby is a crucial part of my life. It drives me to achieve the best I can, not only in the hobby but in other aspects of my

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