Rob Parson Case Study

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Rob Parson’s Promotion Paul Nasr made the right decision recruited Rob Parson, due to his character for being energetic and he has great entrepreneurship. Not only that, Rob Parson is the right person that is able to catalyst and help Morgan Stanley’s future business performance. Rob Parson is able to deliver and satisfy clients demand in excellent manner, resulting he has generated major business deal for the firm. Clients love him; they always look forward to appoint him for dinner whenever they visit New York. Furthermore, Parson is an outstanding contributor, demonstrated by his very willingness to share information, cross-sell ability, and dynamic introductions. Assessing Parson’s professional skill will resulting in excellence. On the…show more content…
It is imperative for Nasr, to persuade Parson to be aligned with the firm’s culture and strategic goals. This could be achieved through providing feedback in order to improve personal development. The performance appraisal can be conducted in three general approaches: tell-and-sell, tell-and-listen, and problem solving2. It is best to combine the best feature from each approached to get best possible approach. Firstly, start with the positive aspect Parson had, instead of criticism. This is to build better mood, friendly environment and atmosphere. Then, Nasr will need to tell Parson his rating, supported with convincing example for the rating justification in order to convince Parson to accept. Not only that, Nasr need to listen to Parson’s side of story and opinion for the rating result. After the discussion, Nasr took Parson’s perspective into consideration and then he can offer solution to problem solve Parson’s negative feedback from his colleagues in the holistic atmosphere of respect and

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