Case Study Spooked By Computers

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Case Study # 2 Title: Spooked by Computers Ciela Marie B. Aquino Date Submitted: April 12, 2017  Executive Summary The case study is all about how organization development makes a big change to the productivity of an organization. Organizational development is the use of organizational resources to improve efficiency and expand productivity. It can be used to solve problems within the organization or as a way to analysed a process and find a more efficient way of doing it. Implementing organizational development requires an investment of time and money. But when you understand its importance, you can justify the costs. In this case, Martin Abella tries to suggest the implementation of having an automation process by getting a computer.…show more content…
We see this in the reaction of Suzanne who was assured in saying that all control would be lost if automation will push through. She also believes that she is too old for the said change. Having something new in the workplace is not an easy way for them, it would bound to be much more misunderstanding. The challenge to Martin is on how he could convince his fellow workers to adapt the change without having affected much the organization.  Decision Criteria The process of organizational development identifies areas of company operations where change is needed. In the case of Martin, he wants to be sure that the organization is always on a competitive side. And the pressure to make radical change was on and the idea of having automated is the best way. He suggests that having computers will make a job easier for them. The said automation is said to an organizational development. It is important tool in the managing corporate growth because it brings together sales projections and consumer demand in helping the company’s growth. But having the employee’s resistance, he also considers the capability of each other once they adopt the said change. So he interpreted that he must have to train first his co-workers before implementing the machines. …show more content…
Other employees believe that resistance to change might give them the hard time to meet their needs and tend to fail the change.  Recommendation Advancement in technology will always be a source of resistance in the workplace. The case study discusses how a company is trying to innovate. We could say that it is a challenge to drive change, especially, when you face resistance. We cannot do this one at a time. Just like what Martin does, instead of pushing through with the innovation or change, he rather listen to his co-workers and came up to the idea to train the employees on how to use the machines before purchasing it. Dealing with the resistance to change in the workplace is important having a good communication with your employees and co-workers will clarify everything. Just like what Martin does, he listens to Suzanne’s explanation on the benefits and problem it may occur of having automation. And realized that he must first train the employees to properly introduce the said

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