Short Summary Essay On Ideokinesis

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Ideokinesis can be used to develop a better posture, smoothness and alignment of movement through step by step imagery that uses metaphors, for example: Visualizing an object moving in a specific way along different muscular groups through the human body, while lying down in a fixed/static position. Repetition of such step by step imagery is said to improve coordination in dancing as well as body movement itself, Ideokinesis is a process of imagination, the imagination of a movement to strengthen the nervous system which would produce new neuromuscular patterns. This can change impulses being sent from the brain through the nervous system to the muscles. When this imagination of a movement is activated, stress is decreased and balanced alignment…show more content…
Line 4 Line 4 works on widening the shoulders and connecting and creating an awareness to the median line of the body, while line 4 helps to widen the shoulders, it also helps to narrow the rib cage, bringing more attention and connectivity to my median line and center. Line 5 Line 5 focuses on widening across the back of the pelvis, Line 5 helps to release lower back, (posterior pelvic tilt) allowing legs to align themselves below the femoral joint through the release of external rotators in the hips, when releasing the secondary curve of the lumbar spine, it also helps to engage the hamstrings while lightening the tension and gripping of the quadriceps in the legs. Line 6 Line 6 moves the direction of energy across the front of the pelvis to the body's midline.By moving the front of the pelvis helps to lower core muscles, while also releasing the 6 external rotators of the

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