Essay On Racial Discrimination

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Despite continued government, school, and media campaigns that celebrate diversity and criticize various types of appearance- and culture-based prejudice, one of the main problems in the campus is still racial and ethnic discrimination. Discrimination can be as blatant as racial or ethnic slurs or as covert, yet as hurtful, as the systematic hindrances to social, economic, and political opportunities, such as being denied of being part of an organization because of one’s ethnicity. Divisions across races and ethnicities run deep due to historical social beliefs and attitudes surrounding race and ethnicity, including physical characteristics, perceived attitudes of certain groups, as well as cultural beliefs and practices. While the causes of…show more content…
Some people discriminate against others simply because they are anxious of differences. They want homogeneity or sameness and judge differences as poison to their own circles. When a group dreads people who act, speak, and dress differently, they tend to prevent any form of interaction. Zero to less interaction can produce inaccurate misconceptions as well as affirmation of negative stereotypes. For example, a white woman is afraid of men in turban, stereotyping them as terrorists. Consequently, she shuns any interaction with them. Her fear of differences hampers interracial interactions that would have enabled her to learn more about cultural variations and how they cannot directly harm her. Moreover, fear can stimulate violent attitudes and actions against certain people. A good illustration is a man who hurts another person because of the latter’s ethnicity. He thinks that the latter deserves to be beaten owing to his biological inferiority. Also, thinking that other people are going to dilute the “cultural purity” of the community, he beats up people who bear cultural differences. Simultaneously, the bigot may be afraid of other people’s differences and view them as unfair advantages. If the target person is rich, then he would find this as a threat to his own economic position. Strong fears of cultural and socioeconomic differences can lead to illogical beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors toward other
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