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The Slave Across the Street by Theresa Flores is a riveting memoir about her experience of being a sex trafficking victim in Birmingham, Michigan. This book attempts to clarify the common misconceptions of sex trafficking, raise awareness to how troubling of an issue this is and promote hope that there is life after being trafficked. When society thinks of sex trafficking victims they believe that it is an issue that only occurs over seas in other countries, and if by chance it happens on American soil then that victim must be a minority with a poor upbringing in a poverty- stricken community with a low social economic status. However, that is not the case, sex trafficking is as much an issue in the United States as it is in any another country…show more content…
Raised with three younger brothers by both of her parents, she was the only girl. She assisted her mom with daily household tasks such as preparing dinner for the family and making sure her younger brothers were taken care of while her dad was away at work. However, her mom was so consumed with keeping busy while her husband was away, that she did not pay attention to the interest of the kids, but enlisted them to accompany her on her endeavors. Both of her parents were very strict and stressed the importance of religion, working hard and reaching set goals. Therefore, Theresa received good grades and was involved with sports but her parents where not around to accompany her, she went everywhere…show more content…
Theresa did not come from an impoverished neighborhood nor did she have a traumatic experience leading her to be vulnerable to this type of abuse. She was an average white female who grew up with both of her parents in her house hold and never really had a need that wasn’t met. However, she still found herself a victim to being sex trafficked. When you hear stories of people who have been sex trafficked you think of stories similar to that of Sara J. Kruzan. A lady who was born into a heinous situation, where she had no relationship with her ex-convict, heroin addicted father and was raised by her mother, “an emotionally disturbed woman on public welfare.” This is the typical story you hear associated with the ideology of how one falls victim to being trafficked. Flores’s story broadens ones horizons and allows people to expand their ideology of how one might wind up a victim. With broading ones horizons on the type of people who get trafficked she was able to gain recognition and help to people who do not fall within the spectrum such as

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