Loneliness: Solitude's Ugly Cousin

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Vy Le Loneliness; Solitude’s Ugly Cousin What is solitude and what is loneliness? I believe solitude is the state of wanting to be alone, whether you’re accompanied by technology or reading a book. Conversely, I think loneliness is an emotional choice because no one is forced to be lonely - it’s a state of mind. According to an article by Hara Marano, “Loneliness is marked by a sense of isolation. Solitude, on the other hand, is a state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness.” Loneliness is a feeling whereas being alone is physical. I believe there is a profound difference between loneliness and solitude. To be lonely, one must feel isolated and without companionship. To be in solitude, one must want to be alone;…show more content…
People fear isolation because they prefer to be surrounded by others whether for conversation or simply for company. So why is solitude linked to loneliness? People fear solitude because it makes them think of being confined and/or separated from society. My classmate, Ariel Tam, stated that, “Solitude is the state of being content when alone. Being lonely is the feeling of anguish when alone, often from feeling like an outsider.” When people refer to being in solitude, they think of loneliness. I believe there are different reasons for wanting solitude, both positive and negative. For some, solitude allows time to explore one’s self, be at peace, and is usually by choice. As my classmate Ylan Nguyen views it, “When you are in solitude, it is your choice. You choose to be in solitude; you choose to be by yourself.” Most make time to be in solitude to escape from their schedules and re-center themselves. In an article by Steven Benna, he refers to a quote by Dr. Morin that states, “Solitude can be highly beneficial to your mental health, creativity, and productivity.” For others, solitude is sought because they feel lonely, have no one to talk to, and look to avoid contact. I believe this can lead to psychological problems such as introversion or depression. Ultimately, the definition of solitude is different for everyone because we all feel different emotions when we experience…show more content…
He believes it is dependent on the frame of mind of the individual and their reason for entering solitude. If it is by choice, then it is a positive state to be in; if it is embraced, he believes it is a gift you give yourself. It allows you to understand yourself and hear the world around you. Solitude becomes a place that nurtures creativity and can even heal the soul. He believes however, that if one enters solitude unwillingly, it becomes the soul’s torture chamber. One can feel trapped and isolated which can manifest into loneliness. Loneliness, he views as a state in which one loses connection to others and the world around them; a disconnect, where one suffers from the in ability to look inward or

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