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Nate Gosbin Mr. Boruff AP English 12 19 December 2017 A Real Hero Uncle Tom, the main character, is used to give us an oppressed heroic figure indirectly fighting slavery through his beliefs in Christianity. In Uncle Tom’s Cabin, cruelty in the form of slavery is used to show how badly slavery affected not only the enslaved men and women, but also the free men and women. During the time period in the novel, slavery was a major social and political factor. Uncle Tom is a hero. Throughout the story he continually helps people and peacefully stands up to his trials. “I looks like gwine to heaven,” said the woman; “an’t thar where white folks is gwine? S’pose they’d have me thar? I’d rather go to torment, and get away from Mas’r…show more content…
Time after time Uncle Tom is either directly helping a fellow slave or indirectly helping them. Without Uncle Tom in the story, all the slaves and free people he came into contact with would have had totally different lives. Uncle Tom had a huge impact on Mr. Shelby. After Tom’s death Mr. Shelby is devastated. He says, “Witness, eternal God! Oh, witness that, from this hour, I will do what one man can to drive out this curse of slavery from my land!” (Mr. Shelby, Ch. 41) Here Mr. Shelby is vowing to help fight against slavery. Later, he frees all the slaves on his farm fulfilling his vow. Tom had such an impact on the way Shelby would continue his life because Shelby sold him away to Legree. A hero can influence people to do good even after death. They instill a permanent belief that you can change things, or simply put hope. To put it as clear as possible, Uncle Tom was the equivalent to a modern day hero because he influenced people for the better in life and death. Through all the cruelties inflicted on him he became a hero. Instead of running or even fighting Tom stood up for what he believed in. He instilled hope in all the people he helped and was always thinking about everyone else before himself.All of these things reveal that Uncle Tom was indeed a hero, but also that he was martyr. Uncle Tom was a martyr to the cause of Freedom. He died for the sake of principle, thus further proving that Uncle Tom was a true

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