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Prostitution dates back to 2400 B.C., so it is safe to say that this line of work is one of the oldest professions known and laws banning prostitution is one of the oldest regime regulation. Because many feel that prostitution is the oldest profession known, there is a major debate in this world that are both for and against the legalization of prostitution. Who is in the right? What side proves more effective regarding this topic. People who fight for prostitution to remain illegal argue whether or not this law will prevent trafficking. In this world, trafficking persons is at the top of the list to conquer. Margareta Winberg, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Swede feels “ that we will never succeed in combating trafficking in women if we do not simultaneously work to abolish prostitution and the sexual exploitation of women and children. Particularly in light of the fact that many women in prostitution in countries that have…show more content…
Instead of making prostitution illegal by spending millions on the cause, the government could legalize and use half the amount on the protection for prostitution. Many will argue that in places where the crime rate is high, prostitution flourish. In result, the authority and courts are overwhelmed with prostitution cases. The street walkers and the consumer pay their fines and go back to the same life style they are accustomed to. The prostitute goes back because it is a means of living, a way to pay the bills and the customer goes back because of an addiction or the ability to receive sex at little cost. It is somewhat a form of supply and demand. True crimes usually go unresolved or forgotten because the local justice system is busy dealing with prostitution. Due to increased free time, the police would have more time providing safety to civilians from true crimes such as kidnaping, murder and even

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