Importance Of Short And Short Term Goals

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STRATEGIC GOALS Strategies are known as instruments used to getting things done – to achieve a vision or goal. Short term goals are mechanisms used to analyze the performance of the organization. Long term goals, on the other hand, are aimed at fulfilling the vision and mission of the organization (Markgraf. 2017). Short term goals are helpful as they aid the organization in measuring its progress at certain times towards achieving its long term goal. Knowing and understanding the mission (from the stakeholder’s perspective) plays a vital role in achieving the mission of the organization. With this mission defined and understood, short term goals serve as a tool to ensure the implementation of set plans within a reasonable time frame. When assessing the results from short-term goals, the organization is then able to make changes to the plan that will guarantee the successful accomplishment of the mission. (ALC WebMarketing. 2005). Importance of short and long term goals…show more content…
In the long term the emphasis is on how well the non-profit organization itself fulfills its mission; in the short term, an organization has to set program goals that show how well the programs perform. Both types of goals are critical in motivating supporters to continue to volunteer for and donate to the organization (Markgraf.2017).To create short and long term goals irrespective of the changes in the environment requires the organization to have a firm understanding of the needs of the community and provide solutions by creating a meeting with certain groups which will be contributory in helping build on the missions and objectives that meet its need (Moscaica.

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