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How are Lucian Freud and Francis Bacon painters of the Real? introduction. How are Lucian Freud (1922-2011) and Francis bacon (1909-1992) who are considered amongst the greatest fugitive english painters of the twentieth century if not amongst the greatest painters of all time painters of the Real? Both of these painters are major influences of mine and wen coming to this topic i had seen quotes by the two of them concerning what they were trying to do with there work as a whole. bacon said “in a curious way one is always hoping to do is to paint one picture witch will annihilate all the other ones, to concentrate everything into one paining”(interviews with David Sylvester p 22). Freud's summary of his own work was “unrealistic as it sounds…show more content…
they both paint “figures in isolation” and in doing this expose the viewer to a space witch is in both case an artificial creation Freud being a controlled studio and bacon being a place somewhere in the subconscious. the use of these places allows for that acute existential senceiblity of life and death to be convoyed. this the isolation of the figure in theses spaces allows for what would amount to agent for the trauma of the real to bombard us precisely because they allow for the figure witch is the facilitator of the placement of us the viewer in a space witch is in the void of real and outside the ream of the…show more content…
his style before this did igiave a good deal of attion to were the portraits were painted but this was in many before the sue of a loaded brush and the meas by witch shok was conveyed were defent. portraits by Freud took between six months and a year and a half in the case of the brigadier (2003-2004). the place where they are all painted was the same. the backgrounds are not as defined as the figures blurred in a way similar to a photograph. the dingy walls of the studio the floor boards and rags all create a space witch allows for the aing of the figure in isolation the space is intimate to the artist. the space is in effect beyond reality the isolation in space allows for the Real to be revealed. the immense amount of time witch Freud spent with his sitters takes place witch is beyond reality or better the imaginary we are let in to the

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