Divine Child Analysis

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archetypal stories of miraculous children ( for instance, the story of the conception and birth of Jesus) the appearance of the child heralds not just one new life but a new era. And so it is in dreams of this archetype, which Jung called the Divine Child. The dream image of such a child is directing our attention to the potential for a revolutionary shift in the dreamer's life. Lovers and Strangers Dreams of lovers can tell a woman about closeness or alienation between parts of the inner self. A female lover, especially one that does not exist in waking life, may be the unknown woman within making a bid for union with the waking mind. Dream lovers of either sex that are not attractive to the waking mind are especially likely to represent…show more content…
A classical way to understand such a dream is to see the stranger as a split off part of the dreamer's personality. This part of the unknown self has been so thoroughly shut out of the woman's self image that it must force itself upon the waking mind through a nightmare. This is always well worth considering when looking at such a dream. However, women also dream of dangerous strangers when they are in real, concrete danger that the waking mind is not noticing. Sometimes women hesitate to acknowledge that a person in their life is dangerous because making such a judgement would not be "nice" Or because they believe that, if they love this person well enough, he or she will not be dangerous. The dreaming mind will present such a woman with a true picture of the peril she is in. Such a dream is saying, in effect, "Think about the dangerous stranger inside the loved one you believe you…show more content…
Such dream images range from the loss of fingers, toes or a limb to complete bodily disintegration. As with so many dream events there are several possible meanings for such images, some of them contradictory. Dismemberment may be part of a trauma dream of the kind we have discussed. At the same time dismemberment is a time honored symbol for transformation. Such dream images go back to tribal stories in both Asian and Native American cultures, where these images in dreams signaled a radical change of identity. This change required that the old identity be pulled apart and then reconfigured usually into a new identity as a medicine person. This may be terrifying but also

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