Grinch Case Study

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Once upon a time, off the snowy mountaintops of Mt. Crumpits lived a man named Grinch. Mr. Grinch was a cave-dwelling creature who lived on the highest peak of the mountain at 10,000 feet. He lived just north of the small town of Who Ville. Mr. Grinch lives with his dog Max who, is his only companion. He spends most of his time in his cave alone, thinking of ways how he can steal Christmas from the people of Who Ville. He's around the age of forty years old and is not employed. As well as he was abandoned as a child. But luckily, for Mr. Grinch he was raised by two lovely Who's that took him in and treated him like their own son. During his younger years the Grinch was bullied by the children in his classroom. The results caused him to hate Christmas. The effect of the bullying caused the Grinch to develop several symptoms such as anger issues, mood swings, anxiety, disconnection from society, irritability, and depression. Our case presents Mr. Grinch as the…show more content…
Antisocial personality disorder is a personality disorder marked by a general pattern of disregard for and the violation of other people's rights. The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders classifies the Grinch having antisocial personality disorder by a pattern of disregard for others and the violation of other rights happening since age fifteen years old. The Grinch indicated at least three or more of the following symptoms mistreated, stolen from others, and being hurt. The criteria include the Grinch being over the age of eighteen. Consequently, the social norms were broken because of repeated illegal behavior that was shown throughout the case. Grinch continued to display deceitfulness, impulsivity, and aggressiveness toward the people of Who Ville. The reckless disregard for others safety and the lack of remorse is what causes the Grinch to be diagnosed with antisocial personality

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