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Why Samsung is better. The pervasiveness of technology, specifically mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets is absolutely mind-boggling; Cisco predicted that there will be more mobile devices than people on Earth by the end of 2012 and more than ten billion by 2016 These astronomically high numbers reveal how much mobile technology is a part of peoples’ everyday lives. The seeming popularity of these mobile devices is causing technology companies to rapidly develop new innovative products that will capture the minds of consumers and further any given company’s foothold in the mobile marketplace. Along the quest to be a major influence within the mobile market there are bound to be clashes between different companies’ products in the form of intellectual property infringement. Apple was able to gain an even larger following beyond its successful iPhone release by keeping on improving in the cell phone market through cell phones at first and afterward in the end tablets; a dedicated client base in the end conformed to their image and portable products. Jobs' and, as a side effect, Apple's technique amid his rule as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was to utilize a long…show more content…
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