Importance Of Public Speaking

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INDIVIDU OR GROUP In our life, many people always have many way to get a good result of they work. We can see, many people can work in a team or a group because they can discuss our idea to make a result is good. But, many people also can work in individual or alone. Maybe, in their mind, work in individual situation can make their self is calm and quiet, or if they do alone, they, who work alone can finished with quickly and so on. Maybe, in our self, we always said this in our mind, “ I don’t like do anything with alone. I like do anything with group because ….” or the other way. But, how about me? Am I like work in group ? or, I like work in individual? Sometimes, I like work anything in group. But, sometimes I like work anything with alone also. Actualy, I prefer work anything…show more content…
Before, I said I can learn about public speaking. Yes, public speaking is important. If you a leader from group, or you are MC for any event, or anything, you must have public speaking. Why? Because you must show about what do you share to audience. If you can’t speaking in public, the people can’t trust you. In organization, it’s important. You can do it first in your organization to practice your public speaking to your all member before you speak to all public audience. That’s why we must have public speaking skill especially in your organization. It’s important for all Third, we talk about share idea. In one team, if you have many idea, you can share your idea to all your friend. You can build one to one idea to be good idea for your group. If your group doesn’t have idea, your group is nothing. The goal from your idea in your group is to make your group is clear what do you want in your group. The coordination idea in your group can make your group be a nice group. Example, you have one idea, after that your friend have idea too. You can discuss to your friend to choose what is good idea. So, sharing idea is important if you want to finish your work with good
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