Personal Essay: The Worst Day Of My Life

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I have lived in the orphanage for ten years. My parents died when I was only 5 we had a break in and both my parents were killed that was the worst day of my life. I have a twin brother named Liam and he should be at work right about now he works at an old car shop making $5.25 every 2 hours Hardly enough to feed him and I every night. Liam walks through the door slamming it “Tough day?” I ask “Yeah,” He said as he was taking a deep breath “They refused to pay me just because I got some of my lunch on the floor,” said Liam annoyed. Mrs. Jones walking into the room and said that she wanted to see Liam and I she said that someone was looking to adopt and wanted to see us. I was so excited until I saw the man that would ruin my life. He had one bushy eyebrow and he was tall and skinny he had a tattoo of a bunny on his left bicep his hairline was all over the place with grey hair. His name is Christopher. As soon as he saw Liam and I walk around the corner he said…show more content…
I was trying to tell Mrs. Jones that I did not want to go with him but she refused to listen to my rejection. She told us to be grateful that there was such a nice man willing to adopt us. “Welcome to my humble abode,” Christopher said as we walked into his house. His house is the definition of trash. The wood floors had holes in them and the wallpaper was hanging off the wall. None of the lights worked so it was dark in the house, the only light was the sun from outside. Chris led them upstairs to their room it was small and cramped with one small bed that Liam and I had to share. We had to do an assortment of chores like cleaning the bathroom, clearing off the kitchen which was piled with dirty dishes and pots and pans, and clean Christopher’s room which was the dirtiest room in the house. “My orphans,” Christopher said as he entered our tiny room “You will be cooking for me and my

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